Sunday Fitness Summary – Week 1

Sunday Fitness Summary will be my weekly fitness report as I prepare for the Dublin Marathon 2013.

Last September I got this mad idea, that I need to encourage my husband to run a marathon and to do that, I will have to run it myself. My husband has been running all his life and has been talking about wanting to run a marathon for years. I, on the other hand, have always hated running so it must have been thanks to some post-natal crazy hormones that I decided the two of us will run the Dublin Marahton 2013!

My training has been on and off due to a funny toe injury (I know, sounds ridiculous!!) and the bad weather. A bit of rain is fine, but there is no way I’m dragging my bum out into to the cold AND rain just to go for a run!! As it happens, the weather has improved in the last couple of weeks and I have been back on the road clocking the miles.

These bad boys will need replacing soon!

Last week was the first week of my “official” 22 week training plan. I did a long run on Tuesday that felt really good. I ended up going further than I had planned! It was a perfect evening for a run: bright, warm but not too hot, calm and quiet.

My second run of the week on Friday was a struggle from start to finish. I only had 3.5k to go, but it felt like I was on my last 10k of the Marathon itself… I got a stitch during the first 500 meters of the run and I wasn’t able to get rid of it at all. I think it was the pasta I had for lunch that day… I remember another time that happened to me and during that run I was also thinking “it’s that bloody pasta I had!”. I have to start keeping a better eye on what I eat.

My last run was another 2 miler on Sunday morning. Again, a lovely day and it felt really easy. I had had porridge for breakfast about 2 hours before, no stitch or anything else to disturb me. I’m beginning to think along the lines of a food diary… I need to start planning my meals properly to get the full benefit out of my runs.

Week 1 Training Schedule

Mon – Rest
Tue – 6k run
Wed – Spinning
Thu – Rest
Fri – 3.5k run
Sat – Rest
Sun – 3.3k run

Anyone else preparing for a big fitness event? 


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