Sunday Fitness Summary – Week 2

Oh, how I wish we had this weather all the time! It has been a gorgeous week in Dublin, sunny and very warm every day. It is so easy to go out and do your runs when then weather is great: you actually want to go outside rather than be stuck indoors. 

Loving the running when we have weather like this!

I have been trying to keep an eye on what I eat on the days I go out for a run. I usually have granola/muesli with fruit and natural yoghurt for breakfast. Lunchtime I try to eat veggies and some meat and then have a snack in the evening. The plan is to start making weekly meal plans but I haven’t managed that yet with all the extra bits I had this week.

I had work dinner on Thursday evening (steaks and chips, hello baby!) and my daughter’s first birthday (cake!!) on Saturday so had a few more cheat days than I would have liked… The work dinner on Thursday also meant I missed one of my runs (thankfully it was only the 1 mile run) as I wasn’t able to go out for the run at lunchtime either…

Monday: 1.6k run, very easy so I practised speed work doing 1/4 steady, 1/4 fast and so on.
Wednesday: 3.3k run at lunchtime, felt easy again.
Thusday: Missed this 1.6k run 😦 I decided not to do it on Friday either because that would’ve meant running 4 days in a row.
Saturday: 2 mile run after the Birthday Party, felt really good so I practised speed work for the last 1/4 of the run.
Sunday: 2 mile run in the evening. Did not feel at all like going, but as I had already missed the run on Thursday, I was determined to get out. I am so glad I did!

I am really looking forward to next week and my runs. I think I will try to do more at lunchtime, because I feel so energized after the run and I think I’m much more productive after a good session on the road!

I wish you all a fabulous week and lots of good training sessions 🙂


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