Fitness Summary – Week 4, A Destroyed Training Schedule

Moving houses = a destroyed training schedule. Especially if you “didn’t really even think” about how you’re going to manage the two together…!

Yes, we moved houses last week and there were all sorts of shenanigans (as there usually is, I suppose) and I hadn’t prepared myself for it at all in terms of when to do my runs! Before I even realised, it was Sunday evening and I had missed my weekend runs. Yes, I realised this while sitting on a couch gulping down the wine after stuffing myself with some chinese from our new local take away so I wasn’t exactly fit to go for the run just then..

The good news is I was due an extra rest day coming up to my first ever 5-miler this coming Saturday so I’m still on track with mileage having added a few extra miles to my runs earlier this week 🙂 This experience with missing a few days proved I was right about the importance of following my training plan when it comes to motivation. Two days and I was already starting to get the “nah, might leave it tonight…” -feeling.

But the feeling after the short break, being back on the road and especially afterwards! My poor old bum and legs were burning. I’ve also had to start bringing my gadgets with me again as I haven’t a clue of the distances in the new surroundings! There are bloody many hills here though. I’m calling them killer hills… Doesn’t matter which way I go, there are many climbs to get over.. It was refreshing to have some music with me for a change though. I found out that Sandstorm by Darude is a fantastic powersong for climbing those mountains.

What’s your powersong?

Right, this girl badly needs a shower so it’s over and out… Night night!

PS. I don’t have internet access in the new house yet so I’m posting from my mobile.. Hence the missing pics 😦


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