Training Summary Week 5 – First Ever 5 Miler!!

I’m not dead, my legs are not sore, I feel like going for a run again… Yup, looks like my first ever 5-miler on Saturday was a success!! Managed it in under 50 minutes too so I’m super happy 🙂

I didn’t do it in Phoenix Park at the first race of the Dublin Marathon race series but in the picturesque countryside of Co. Carlow!! I decided to do a route I hadn’t done before so I could at least try to distract myself with the new surroundings when the going gets tough. The only disadvantage was the countryside, or to be precise, the way my hay fever reacts to the countryside… 
I started off slowly and decided I’d pick up the pace slightly after the first mile. Now, the emphasis is on the word slightly… By no means was I going fast! I felt really good hitting the halfway mark but decided to wait until the last mile before I’d speed up again.
Getting towards the last mile I was still feeling surprisingly fresh so once I had the 4 miles behind me, I picked up the pace again. Still feeling quite good I had what I thought was the mother of all great ideas: for the last kilometer, I hit the “play powersong” -button and gave it socks.

My god… Started off well with “Sandstorm” building up to it’s peak, but then the legs and the poor old bum started to burn.. And I mean burn like really BURN! Not that bit of twitching around there somewhere, but the proper “my backside is in flames” kind of burn..

“Breathe iiiin…. And ouuuut….”

A few funny looks from some elderly passersby?! (I think I must have looked like a lunatic at this stage with the angry determined look on my big red face…)

“My god I might start getting sick now.. no, keep going, must be nearly there.. WHY THE €&@% IS THE B*TCH NOT SAYING “you’ve reached your workout goal”…

A few more funny looks from some boy racers (yeah, you’re in Bagenalstown!)…

Are we there yet??

Are. We. There. YET??!!

And then, just when I thought I can’t keep going, the woman wakes up tells me I’ve “reached my workout goal”! Well it was about bleeding time.

Check the time: 49.07, yaaayyy!! I could kiss that lovely lady now if she wasn’t just the voice in my running app.. 

I feel so energized after that run! I even managed a 3k walk that evening.
What a great feeling to get stuck into another week of training! This is when the hater begins to love running ❤

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