Summer Gear… For Work?!

So it’s Sunday evening and it’s going to be a scorcher next week. I am facing the eternal dilemma, what to wear for work! To put it into some context, on this lovely green island of ours we don’t get this weather very often so my work wardrobe is filled with fairly dark, wintery colours. We had a good spell of good weather about a month ago and for the first time in ages I had this problem: what to wear for work when it’s hot?

I work in a fairly big (800+ employees), multicultural office environment so you can’t just walk in in any old summer dress and flip flops (oh, I wish!). Mind you, some people seem to… You see all sorts of gear walking past the minute the weather changes for the better! All you need is the clouds to move away and the sun to come out and you are sure to come across at least a few pairs of Hawaii shirts, Bermuda shorts and flip flops… It doesn’t really even have to be that warm!

Since I don’t have a fortune to spend on work gear, I needed to come up with a relatively cheap way to update my work wardrobe. I realised I have a good few summery, short-sleeved and light-coloured tops, but all my skirts are either some shade of grey or black… Skirts are handy for the hot weather and I love wearing them so why not get a few nice summery “A Splash of Colour” -skirts!?

Hmm, now that I think about it… I do have some nice and light work trousers that wouldn’t be too hot, but they’re all grey or black too. I might have to go back looking for some “A Splash of Colour” -tops as well?!

Why do I have a feeling this shopping trip is going to be more expensive than I planned (aren’t they always..)!

The top and skirt in the picture are from Make & Tailor which is a women’s wear brand designed and manufactured in Ireland. They limit the production to about 50 pieces per style so it’s unique and all made in Dublin, Ireland. It’s a bit more expensive than your regular high-street brands, but still affordable if you buy once in a while as an investment piece 🙂
The shoes in the picture are from Esprit.

Who wants to go shopping?


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