Training Developments – Week 6 and Decision Time!

I am so indecisive! I spent weeks searching for the perfect training schedule, in the end I decided to go with one provided in the Irish Runner magazine and then, some weeks later I decide to change my mind… The reason I chose this one was the fact that I know it’s been followed by a number of people here in Ireland who are preparing for the Dublin Marathon 2013. I was more confident going with that one rather than just some random one found online claiming to be THE ONE…  Also, the guy who has made the training schedule is a known Irish runner himself who has a big group following him for the Dublin Marathon every year. The only problem I had with the plan was the number of days per week you’re required to run… I should have listened to my rational self saying “you won’t be able to get out for a run 5 days a week and even if you do, you’ll be bored out of your skull long before the marathon if you can’t do any other exercising…

My New Training Schedule

I am really beginning to enjoy running, at times I even love it (my god!), but the reality is I find it really difficult to commit to 5 days per week (for running only). I love to do other exercising as well! Ideally, I would love to go to the gym twice a week, do some Yoga or Pilates AND do the running. Unfortunately, there are only 7 days in a week and 24 hours in a day… Plus two kids and a husband at home! I sometimes wonder what I did with all the time I had BC (before children)…

4 weeks into my training schedule, I really started feeling the stress of making it out for my runs. I was talking to a girl who is also training for the Dublin Marathon and she runs 3 times a week plus does spinning twice a week! So why am I going mad trying to run 5 days a week if there is another way of doing it?! Just as I had been contemplating this, another training schedule quite literally landed on my desk (well, in my inbox). I had registered for a series of Marathon Talks organised by a Running Club nearby and they sent out their training schedule for all the participants. As with the previous one, I know this is a schedule that has been tried and tested and there are actual people who are training following this schedule! To be honest, the easiest way would have been to get someone to tailor a schedule for me but then there was the other decision to make: who would I get to do that for me?! How would I know if the are any good? I didn’t want to join a running club as I can’t commit to certain training times, the reason I started running was the flexibility of it. You can go out and do it when ever suits you.

I have been following this schedule for a week now and it allows me to do other exercising a couple of days a week. I need to keep it fresh and do something else as well to keep myself motivated… I have really enjoyed the new training so far, but only time will tell if it’s just the attraction of new! Now I just need to schedule that long postponed session with a personal trainer to get my bum in gear and go to the gym…


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