Local, Ethically Produced Clothing!

I have been searching for alternative clothes shops, something else than your usual H&M, River Island, Zara… Don’t get me wrong, I like all these shops and love the clothes they sell but I would also like to support local small businesses. You know, to keep the economy and small businesses going and then hopefully someday we will grow out of this recession!

For children, there are a lot of options. There are so many crafty “mumtrepreneurs”  on Facebook and Etsy, you can find anything from shoes and slippers to crocheted hats, scarves, dresses and cardigans. But what about clothing for myself?? To be honest, doing a quick online search (and then even a bit more thorough search) didn’t actually bring that many results. Maybe I’m using wrong keywords? Maybe they’re not online?? Or maybe I’m just too picky?!


For work wear, I did find Make & Tailor that I featured in my previous post Summer Gear… For Work?!
They are a Dublin based company that design and manufacture all their clothing in Ireland.

Then I came across Big Soda Clothing at People’s Park farmer’s market in Dun Laoghaire one sunny Sunday. At the time, they didn’t have a website (yeah, that explains..). They do gorgeous retro/vintage style t-shirts, hoodies and hats for men and women. And here’s the thing: they don’t cost a fortune!!! To give you an idea, ladies’ t-shirts are 23e.


Aren’t they just lovely? And they’re so comfy too. I have two of them already… The other one I’ve been using when I exercise so it’s been going through many washes and it’s in perfect condition. I can definitely recommend these! The other one is perfect for casual Friday work gear… 🙂


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