Training Diary Weeks 7 & 8 – Sore, Gutted, Excited…

All of those things at the same time. The last two weeks haven’t quite gone according to plan… I was looking forward to my first ever race at the Dublin Marathon Race Series 10k race last Sunday. Definitely didn’t go as planned, I didn’t even make it to the starting line!

I eventually managed to book a session with a personal trainer, I had it booked for the Friday before the race. Obviously, I didn’t realise this until I got my race pack the day before so I thought right, I will just tell him to go easy on the legs… Easy?! I don’t think these people know the meaning of the word “Easy”!! So I tell him I have a race on the Sunday, he goes “right, ok, I had a really good leg session planned for you, but let’s take it easy this time”. The result? I was going around like John Wayne all weekend! I don’t want to know what it was he had initially planned to do… I’m actually afraid to go again this Thursday…

I have to say, the session was really good and the personal trainer is good. He had good ideas, although I think he might have a greater impression of my athletic abilities than what they are in reality… He had me working out in this “free weights area” in the gym. At first I was quite nervous so I wasn’t looking around me too much, I was just concentrating on trying to get back up from my squat under the barbell that felt like it weighed a ton and a half.. Talk about burning legs! The “burning” I mentioned I got towards the end of the 5-mile run was like tickling with feathers compared to this torture. Getting over the initial shock, I started to look around me between the sets.

“Well hello Beefcakes!”
So there I was with my arms and legs that look like a pair of flower sticks next to these beefcakes quite literally throwing around the heaviest of weights you can find in the gym, wondering if they have any smaller weights?! “What am I doing here?!?”

The personal trainer kept me busy though, so I seriously didn’t have much time to worry about how ridiculous I must have looked like. Although, I can’t deny the feeling of RELIEF when he brought me out of there…

So I was sore and GUTTED all weekend, but now that I have vented, I am going to forget about it altogether and find another race within the next couple of weeks. That will keep me excited, as well as my new runners! I went to Amphibian King a couple of weeks ago to get fitted (GAIT analysis and all!) and got myself a pair of SPARKLING new runners, I love them!!

So comfy!


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