Training Diary week 9 – First Ever 10k!

I am so proud of myself! I survived the 10k run and time wasn’t too bad either 🙂 

It was a fabulous day and I had the most amazing scenery running along a river in the countryside. “Surely she must have something to give out about”, you wonder? Well, yes… This is the first time you will hear this coming from me but my goodness it was TOO HOT! I never ever complain about it being too warm, especially not in Ireland, but wow that was something else. It was the “air standing still, sweating only sitting” type of hot.
Nevertheless, I managed to complete my 10k and I felt really good all the way through. I even picked up the pace for the last 2k! For some strange reason, the 10k run actually felt easier than the 8k one?!
I also noticed that even though it’s early days still with the gym work (I had only had 2 sessions with the personal trainer prior to this run), I felt so much stronger running. I didn’t get the tired “wobbly legs” at all. It definitely felt like it’s paying off going to the gym, even though I missed the race the week before having been so sore from the first session with the personal trainer! 
“So what time did she do??”, I hear you asking. I would have loved to finish in under 60 mins but didn’t quite get there. 62.18 isn’t too bad for my first ever 10k though so I am happy with the time. Now I just have to work on improving it!!

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