Training Diary Week 10 & 11 – Exercising on Holidays

This year seems to have been all about me surprising myself doing (and enjoying) things I didn’t think I would. First of all, I have truly enjoyed running and that is one big surprise on it’s own. Then I went and booked those sessions with the Personal Trainer and I have a confession to make: I think I’m in love… with the GYM! Now that’s another big surprise. I have never liked going to the gym, ever. I have tried a couple of times but never enjoyed it. I always felt I didn’t belong in there, I felt uncomfortable. Truth be told, I think I should have tried with a personal trainer ages ago. I think the biggest thing for me this time around is the fact that I have the Personal Trainer showing me what to do and explaining why he has me doing that. That makes me feel more comfortable, because it makes sense to me and I know I’m doing it right. (Yeah, I can be a bit of perfectionist and sometimes not in a good way either: “If I can’t do it right, I won’t do it at all!“…)

On holidays!

There’s a third surprise for this week. Being on holidays usually means that all the exercising is halted until I get back home. Well not this time around! That alone didn’t surprise me as such, but walking back to the apartment from the gym yesterday I realised: I have been on holidays for a week now and I have gone for a run 3 times and once to the gym! It hasn’t been easy either, the running I mean. It is really warm and I’m not great at keeping myself hydrated even at home, let alone when the daily routine is out the window when you’re travelling… It has been tough going sometimes, but it has also given me great satisfaction. It would have been so easy not to go and just chill!!

Oh, I also learned that I can’t blame the Personal Trainer alone for killing my legs. I seem to have been well able for it on my own yesterday… Do I really have to get up off the couch now?? I’m sure the kids won’t kill each other…too badly?!


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