I <3 My Bathroom

We moved into our new house a couple of months ago. We used to have nice powershowers in our old house and I knew we didn’t have it in the new, but we had decided to redo the bathroom anyway. Well, that was a looooong couple of months. I never thought I could actually DISLIKE having a shower! 

It was like running around under two thin strips of water trying to rinse the hair.. It took me bloody ages! So I said to my husband, I don’t care how much more expensive it is, we’re getting a proper shower even if it means we’re not doing the downstairs floors (his big thing!).
Oh boy am I glad we did! And he is too (really!.. Right hun??). The feeling to just stand in there and the water just pours all over.. I could live in there! Actually, I think I do live in there…
I know my blog is about DIY and there isn’t anything DIY about the bathroom, apart from the design (does it count??), but I am so excited I have to share!
This is what we had…
Here’s how it looked before we went on holidays:
And here it is, the new love in my life, our new, miraculously spacious bathroom:



Happy showering to me!

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