Healthy Lunches & Post-Holiday Ballooning…

The holiday is truly over and done with and I managed to get some viral infection coming home so this week has been tough… On top of the usual after holiday low, I wasn’t able to train so I was getting myself into a small panic with missed miles and so on. Realising that the 10-mile race is taking place NEXT WEEK didn’t help either… I was desperately trying to stay motivated by reading fitness magazines between antibiotics, painkillers and measuring the temperature! Halfway through the week I started to feel like a balloon from all the lying in the bed trying to get better and the previous week’s holiday menu also lived up to expectations (Ice cream, anyone? Wine? Why is it not in my glass already?!).

So I decided to get back on track at least with the food! Going back to work next week, I decided I will start bringing my own lunches with me. That will also save some money which, let’s face it, is required after the holiday! I will start off with making a huge “base salad” of lettuce, cucumber and tomatoes. Then each morning, I can just throw in the extras, such as salmon/tuna, sweetcorn, avocado, seeds/nuts/walnuts, chicken, to make it slightly different.

Today I had tuna, sweetcorn and walnuts, yum!

For instant happy woman just add wine“… There’s another vice that would probably need tackling but that won’t be easy… You can’t beat a glass of wine after the kids are gone to bed!


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