Treats for Me!

I am finally better and have been able to get back into the training! I have to say, I’m actually really looking forward to my long run tomorrow morning…

Because I was feeling so down and annoyed earlier this week, I decided to treat myself a little. Anyone who knows me at all also knows that it’s dangerous to let me out to the shops on my own.

First stop was to fix the face, or at least the eyebrows and eyelashes..
By the way, that threading your eyebrows business could easily be used as a form of torture!! Hurts like hell, but I must admit that it works, especially on the small white hair that I have loads. What a woman wouldn’t do..
After the face was fixed, I thought I’d go and get some new training gear to sort of reward myself in advance… To tell you the truth, buying new training gear is probably one of the top 3 reasons why I love to exercise! I found more than a top or two, as usual…


So I’m heading to the till with the pile of stuff I’ve decided to buy, passing by the shoe section.. “I’ll go and just have a quick look”. They’ve obviously stratetigally placed the shoes next to the tills so you can’t ignore them, can’t resist to “just have a quick look”. And look what a highly practical pair of shoes caught my eye! I just couldn’t leave them there…

So now I should have plenty of motivation for my long run tomorrow! The homemade healthy lunches will also be on the agenda for the rest of the month as the lunch money is in the pictures above!!


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