Super Quick Mid-Week Dinner

I rarely cook dinners during the week. The little time you have with the kids after work is far too valuable to be spent in front of the cooker! This week it just so happened that I had chicken left over from the weekend that needed to be cooked so I had to come up with something super quick and easy to do.

This one scores on all fronts, it was quick and definitely easy (cooked it while I was putting the kids to bed!!) and it was tasty too.
I steam cooked some broccoli and carrots. Cooked some cous cous (you know those handy “boil-in-the-bag” ones) and mixed the veggies with the cous cous. While the veggies were being steamed, I fried the diced chicken breasts with some chopped onion and mushrooms. When the chicked was nearly done, I added in some sun-dried tomato pesto for flavour. Yum yum yum!



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