Do More of What Makes You Happy

A bit of a radio silence from my end! My January plan started off really well in week 1, I didn’t get any withdrawal symptoms from the lack of coffee (!!) and I managed to drag myself to the gym as well! And then s*it hit the fan, quite literally as I got a tummy bug… 
I kept away from additional sugar, caffeine, and alcohol (couldn’t stomach it anyway, although some chocolate would’ve been lovely!), but the training had to wait. That was last week so this week I’ve been slowly getting back to my training regime as well. My intended 5k run on Tuesday evening ended up being a speedy 4k though as I suddenly needed to get back home... I suppose there was still something lingering there?!

It’s been a strange January this year.. It almost feels as if I don’t know where I’m going or what I’m doing. Last year I was full of energy, ready to go back to work after maternity leave and steam ahead continuing to make myself a career. I was hungry for success and wanted to move forward. This January it’s just plain busy (and I don’t mean the usual busy that some people always moan about, but the kind of busy when at 5pm you realise you never even had lunch or powdered your nose since the morning and you still have another A4 of to-do’s to get through…), so I haven’t really even had time to think about that “thing” called career!

Well, not during the day anyway, I have left my thinking for the evenings. And sometimes for the night – I can tell you, it won’t make you much brighter the next day!!
                This is how you relax!
Somehow since I became a mum, all the things I used to think were important don’t seem to matter that much anymore. Of course I still love to live comfortably, to be able to buy nice things, or to travel but my idea of how much of that is necessary and how to enable it has slightly shifted.. And I don’t mean that in a oh I don’t need anything for myself, I devote all my time and energy to my kids -kind of way (haha, that happens regardless!), but more like do more of what makes you happy and cut the c*ap that doesn’t. A couple of events last year really opened my eyes and made me look at, not only my own views, but also the predominant culture of always wanting something more, something better, something bigger. Surely there’s nothing wrong with leading a simple, good life.
And it made me wonder.. When did good become not good enough?

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