Nail Inspiration

I came across this picture of nails while flicking through my Pinterest feed, where they had used a different colour for the thumb and ring finger. I’m quite lazy to do anything special with my nails, other than polish them once a week (if even that!). I love all the different pictures and styles on nails, but unfortunately I’m not talented enough to do it myself… I used to go to this girl who is a real nail art virtuoso! It was great having a new nail design every month, but I had to stop going to her so now I’ve just been doing the boring basic nail polish. But now, inspired by the picture I saw on Pinterest, there’s a bit of twist in my nails again. Or what do you think?

Here’s what I used: Rimmel 60 seconds in shade 640 Twinkle and the glitter polish is Rimmel Space Dust in shade 003 Aurora. 
Quick and easy, something that even I can master 🙂 Now we’re talking!


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