Girlies Trip to Helsinki

It’s always good to come back home, even if it’s just for a couple of days. There’s a lot of excitement all around. I was slightly concerned about our trip over, I was flying alone with my just under 2 year old daughter and had to fly via Copenhagen as there aren’t any direct flights this time of the year from Dublin to Helsinki (wink wink airlines!!). Well I have to say, SAS as an airline and Copenhagen as an airport get all 5+ stars for catering for families.

SAS is certainly not a low fare airline, but they’re not overly expensive either. Coming to the airport in Dublin, there were no queues for check-in which made a nice change from 1+ hours of queueing for Ryanair or Aer Lingus, every time! On the plane we were greeted by a very friendly Scandinavian cabin crew who offered us pillows and blankets first thing. The next shock was a sticker book and a little fluffy toy my daughter was given once up in the air and mummy was offered coffee FOR FREE (yeah, spot the low fare traveller as I was digging up some change from my purse, “it’s free ma’am”…).
Copenhagen as a stop over was another lovely surprise: they have buggies you can borrow, free of charge. Well there was another concern sorted as I had just wondered how to survive with a just-about-manage-to-walk toddler for 1.5hours without a buggy.
Off we went for a little stroll and some lunch. The airport is a nice size, there’s just about enough to do for a couple of hours without getting bored. We did however come across something that might have caused some serious account balance issues so we swiftly moved on…

Before I even realised, it was already time to board and the final stretch of our journey was about to begin. Only an hour an a half and we were happy and safe in Helsinki airport. The only bit of drama we encountered was in Helsinki, for some reason it always seems to take forever for the luggage to arrive when I come to Helsinki?! I still didn’t have our buggy and unfortunately there weren’t any buggies to borrow either… It was a bit of a struggle with an overly excited, full of beans missy who wanted to climb everywhere and walk through every single door while I was trying to keep an eye out for our stuff!

Overall it was a nice journey and now the fun has only begun 🙂 Coming home always makes me think about life and where I am and if I wanted to move back, but that’s a topic for another post! Now I better go and play with the missy…

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