When Did We Become So Selfish?

Some people had me royally p***ed off a couple of weeks ago. I was almost posting a rant here, but found my self control and decided to let the topic mature, so to speak. Well, it probably wasn’t a bad idea at all. I do believe that you get your message across much better if it’s well thought and not spurted out in rage…

It all started with a couple of articles that were circulating in the social media and the small storm they created. The first one was of a study made about the never-ending topic of the benefits of breastfeeding your children.  Basically what this research said, was that the benefits of breastfeeding aren’t, after all, as big as they are made out to be… Well I’m sure you can all imagine the amount of comments it got on Facebook when one of these “mummy pages” linked it. You can also probably imagine the range of comments, everything from understanding, positive commentary towards mums who bottle-fed their babies to outright nasty, incriminating “mums-who-bottle-feed-their-kids-are-bad-mothers” -type of comments.

The icing on the cake that week was another link on Facebook (again by one of these “mummy pages”) to a blog post by Dad On The Run who posted about a strongly worded letter his sister received from a fellow holidaymaker while on a skiing holiday with her family. Now I can always understand that there is one nasty person who can’t find a better way to resolve an unpleasant situation, but the amount of completely ridiculous and again, outright nasty comments towards this family took me by surprise. Basically what a lot of these commentators were saying was that the baby can’t ski and ski resorts are not a place for kids.  I mean seriously?! The hotel/resort was family friendly, there are places for adults only, go there if you don’t want a holiday with kids. However, if you’re placed next to a screaming baby, well talk to the staff and ask to be moved. What good does it do to slip a letter under the door as you are leaving??? How did that help your situation?

There are a number of similar examples, especially in the social media. Be it what you feed your children, how you raise them, whether you’re skinny or fat, or what you choose to buy in the grocery store. When did we become so selfish that we can’t see any further than our own situation? If I was able to do something certain way, surely everyone else can and is obliged to. When did we become so lazy that we can’t be bothered trying to understand other people? When did we become so arrogant that we believe that the way I do things is the only correct way to do things? Or is it that with the anonymity of the Internet, we reveal our true colours? Have we always been like this, but have just kept it hidden?


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