Back To The Roots

The girlies trip to Helsinki came and went and we’re back to routine, full swing! It was a lovely trip, but it’s also nice to get back home. I missed my boys so much! I think the longest I had been apart from Cian was one night… I had such mixed feelings, I was happy to see my family and friends and to spend time with Siún, but on the other hand I felt so bad that Cian and my hubby weren’t there.

In front of mummy’s primary school

It’s funny how I always start thinking about life, where I am now, where I was before, how things have changed, when I go home. The first thing that struck me was that I’m definitely getting older. How do you know you’re getting older? When the people supervising the kids on their break at your old primary school look like complete kids to you! The other thing I noticed was how well-behaved the kids are in Finland. Yes, you have the odd “rotten apple” (can you say that about people?!) but in general the kids in Finland behave and have manners. Just one example, I was coming out of a local shop that has really awkward and tight combined entrance and exit. There were two boys, about 13 years old hanging around and they noticed I was struggling to get out with the buggy as there was no room to manoeuvre while trying to hold the door open. What did they do? Rushed over to hold the door for me! I’m so used to not getting help, especially from teenagers that I wasn’t even expecting them to notice…

Siún taking her turn at her cousins football match!

On the other hand, Finnish adults… Well they have something to learn from the youngsters! Again, this is only one example, but I was in the city centre with my friends and three of us had buggies. Going in and coming out of this big department store not one person stopped to hold the door for us. They were all rushing in and out without seeing anything that was happening around them, oblivious to the world around them! People say it’s a big city problem, but at least when I’m in Dublin I am always offered help (well, at least by the adults!).

Desserts at Granny and Grandad’s, yum…

The question of me going back home always comes up in some form when I go home, whether it’s someone asking straight out or me just thinking about the possibility.  Never say never as they say, but at least now I can’t see myself going back. There are a lot of good things in Finland, family and friends being the first obvious ones, but also the way the society looks after its own people. The way equality is ensured by supporting families and enabling the young adults to get a university degree, no matter what their background is. But then my “adult life” is here in Ireland. All the most important things in my life have happened here, the man of my life, the kids, our own house that is our home. And then the mix of people I have as friends from different countries and cultures, it’s such a different environment and it teaches you to see things from another angle. I’ve never had any longing to move back and I think it might be because of the good things that have happened and the good things that I have here. I was, after all, just a young one when I left!

Helsinki Airport, time to go home to see daddy and Cian!



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