A New Direction

The decision is made and the news is out. After months and months of contemplating, random discussions every now and then, and eventually some raw numbers in an excel sheet, we have made a decision. In the end, making the decision was easy as we were staring at the numbers in the excel sheet. Financially we’re better off if I stay at home with the kids, not to mention the other benefits such as getting to spend more time with them.

Look at these guys, who wouldn’t want to be with them?!

So a couple of weeks ago I had a chat with my manager and handed in my notice. I will finish work in two weeks. Wow…
It’s a strange feeling. I’m sad in a way, because I’m not leaving because of the job or the people I work with. Granted, the end of last year was tough at work, but I do (did?!) like my job. On the other hand, I’m really looking forward to spending more time with the “crazies”. To get to do things with them, not only at the weekends but every day. I feel a great sense of relief. The decision is made, it’s time to move on.
I am also excited about another opportunity this will open up. I will be able to get back into teaching dance and fitness classes in the evenings. It’s something I love doing, but had to stop after I returned to work from maternity leave. There was enough to do with two small kids and a full time job and I wanted to see my kids at least in the evening, if only for a few hours.
But now it’s time to relax and get ready for the long weekend. It’s a gorgeous day in Ireland and Easter is already knocking on the door, I hope you get to spend it with your loved ones!

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5 thoughts on “A New Direction

  1. great news!! I would give anything if I could be able to be home with my wee boy =/ I had to go back to work a bit over year ago when my little one was1yrs. I only do 5hour/day and daddy is home with him but its still very difficult to me!!!

    We bought an own place so have to start working fulltime in some point. Then kindergarten will come along aaaaand aarrgghhh too mucg for my overprotecting mental haha


  2. It's hard to leave them isn't it! And yet it was hard enough for me to make the decision to quit work… I'm really looking forward to it now though, only one more week in work.

    You'll see that your little one will be fine in there and will enjoy the company of the other kiddies! My eldest will go to montessori in September, it's 3 hours a day in the morning (it's what they call free pre-school year over here!) and he will start school September next year, he'll only be 5 then!! Crazy…


  3. Yer I know. It´s just me who is a bit fussy and…. well me being me. I´ve been working in kindergartens for years so I´m aware of both sides.. good and bad =/ I just don´t want to stress at work and wonder if everything will be alright.. Hate to trust strangers u know…

    bet that montessori is awesome! I think its a bit madness how young age little ones have to start the school!!!
    Tried to join this page via phone as well and it throws the error on me screen. But I won´t give heh, I´ll try again later on =)


  4. Se on helpotus aina kun on tehnyt päätöksen, i feel u! Ja tiedän myös tunteen sen excelin suhteen! Ihanaa aikaa kotona lasten kanssa, sitä ei juuri voi rahalla mitata ja hienoa, että siihen on mahdollisuus! T: Jenni


  5. Kiitos Jenni 🙂 Se on jotenkin aina niin mukamas hankalaa tehdä lopullinen päätös, kunnes sen on tehnyt ja sitten sitä ihan odottaakin jo tulevaa! Kun siihen asti on vääntäny ja veivannu ja pyörittänyt erilaisia kuvioita päässään. Kivaa kevättä teille!!


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