Daily Life in Pictures 1/5

Many of you have probably come across this challenge “Daily Life in Pictures” on Facebook. The idea is to take 5 pictures to reflect your daily life, over 5 days and also to challenge one new person every day. I was challenged by two of my friends (thanks girls, you know who you are!) already a while back, but my phone memory was full again!! so it took a while until I managed to make some space for new pics… I thought that since I’ve masterfully managed to neglect this blog over the past couple of months, it might be nice to do this challenge here 🙂 So here goes, this is our daily life 1/5:

Siún takes a nap after lunch and that is usually a time for Cian to either watch his programs or play in peace without little sister destroying his play 🙂

Building a big tower
While the youngest is sleeping, it’s a perfect time for mummy to YET AGAIN go through little missy messer’s clothes. I can’t understand how a little girl can have so many dresses…

More clothes for Siún
Playing, sleeping, and organising clothes makes you hungry. Time for a snack!

Healthy snack for the family

Bellies full, chilling, watching telly as it’s raining here in Dublin today!

Time to relax
So that’s what we’ve been up to today. 
I hope you’ve had a lovely day too!

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