Daily Life in Pictures 2/5

Second day of the daily life picture challenge. Today was so much nicer than yesterday, a lot warmer and sunnier! In the morning we decided to try this new place that was opened a couple of weeks ago, Koala Play Cafe in Dun Laoghaire. As you can see below, the kiddies were enjoying themselves 🙂 I must say this play cafe is definitely worth a visit. The play area for the kids is really nice, there are lots of different toys for them to play with and the coffee is yummy! They also serve homemade cakes and there is a selection of snacks available too.

For lunch, we had a bake of mushrooms, cauliflower, tomatoes, and goats cheese. Surprisingly enough, the kiddies liked it too!

There was a slight change of plans today, but as a result I ended up buying Cian a new pair of shoes and in the afternoon we went to the park to play hurling…

Siún was more interested in getting her “coat off”…

After the kiddies are gone to bed, it’s time for me… 🙂

How was your Sunday?

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