Daily Life in Pictures 3/5

Today I realised that our weekdays are pretty much all the same… I’m so glad I decided to start the challenge on Saturday!! You see, it’s pretty much like this Monday to Friday:

We go to work, kiddies go to the creche…

…then I sit at my desk, take a few breaks…

…then I sit at my desk some more and finally when the bell rings around 16.30 I go and pick up the kids.
Today I actually would have had some nice picture opportunities after work but clever as I was, I didn’t bring the camera with me. We went for a walk with the kiddies, it was nice and sunny and the two little ones were on their bikes. But since I didn’t have the camera with me, well, here they are enjoying their evening porridge like they do every evening:

After that it was time for their favourite program and then bedtime.
I had to run to the shops to get some milk and bread…

…and some additions to my skincare arsenal…

I’ve had a bit of an issue with flaky skin recently. Usually that only happens during the winter, not when the sun is out and the weather is getting warmer! I’m hoping these will solve that problem…
Anyone have any tips for flaky skin?

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