Party Outfits, New Routines and Holidays!

I hope you all enjoyed the long weekend! Our gang headed to the countryside in Co. Carlow this weekend to a 40th Birthday Party and I thought I’d share our party outfits. As I was mainly behind the camera at the party, there weren’t any pictures of me so I had to recreate my look this evening (between putting the kids to bed and cooking some dinner, very polished pics to follow!).

Tomorrow is the beginning of our new routine. It’s so weird! I almost started putting out clothes for the kids as I used to do every evening, until I realised I don’t have to do that. It’s such a strange feeling not having to think about work and what kind of chaos is waiting for me there after the weekend. To be able to wake up tomorrow morning, have breakfast with the kids, play with them, do a few things around the house when the youngest takes her nap and hopefully, weather permitting, go to the playground. I have already made up a little schedule in my head for the week for us, I suppose some traits are hard to lose! The weekly scheduler is still in use rather than gathering dust with my work laptop. Tuesday – wash the floors, Wednesday – sort out summer shoes for the kids, Thursday – play date with a friend and her daughter, Friday – pack for the holidays.

Oh yes, did I tell you? We’re going on holidays next week, heading to Cork for a week. Hmm, there’s another task for this week: plan our day trips! We have rented a holiday cottage and will be doing day trips all over West Cork and Kerry. It’s a part of the island I haven’t visited before and having grown tired of flying for holidays every time, we decided to do a staycation this year. Now I’m just hoping to get some decent weather. Any recommendations for our day trips are more than welcome!

Ready to party?! Or sit in front of the telly!
How did you enjoy the Bank Holiday weekend?

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