Happy Wife, Happy Meals

First week as a stay at home mum successfully completed! As I only have the first four days behind me, I can only share my initial feelings of the change: I LOVE IT!! Truth be told, I was a little bit (a lot!) nervous about the whole thing.
It’s going to be so busy trying to look after the kids and trying to cook dinners and keep the house clean! Will the kids be bored to death with me?
I know, completely ridiculous! My first thoughts were that it’s not as busy as I thought it would be. The second was that the kids are loving it. As long as I sit down and play with them, they are as happy as pigs in poo. As my husband said, the kids are happy and not as cranky in the evenings and I seem a lot more relaxed and happy. I couldn’t agree more! And I’m sure he doesn’t mind coming home to a clean house and yummy dinners. Cooked a gorgeous meal today (even if I say so myself!), but was too hungry to remember to take any pics… 🙂

So what have we done this week… Well, a lot of playing!
Playing together, usually lasts long enough for me to do a quick clean-up in the kitchen…
A lot of messing too…
My little Yogis!
Missy Messer copying mummy…
Our Little Diva
I went back to teaching classes as well, loving that too!! Was wondering why I ever stopped until I remembered that two smallies and a full time job was enough to handle…
My  new work attire
And enjoyed slow mornings, coffees and bagels!
Mr Messer got a haircut too
We’re off to Cork tomorrow for our holidays, lots of happy holiday pics to follow I’m sure.
Have a lovely weekend!

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