Travel Day Outfit

I’m sitting here on the couch in our holiday home, drinking wine and enjoying the silence of Ballylickey, Co. Cork. The house is absolutely gorgeous and we have a very limited selection of TV channels which I think is a good thing. More time for chats and reading books! So before I get completely absorbed in my new book, I thought I’d do a quick post and share my travel day outfit.


I always want to wear something super comfy when I travel and it often means either jeans or sporty trousers paired with a t-shirt or a hoodie. This week however, I managed to get myself that pair of white converse I’ve been drooling over for months so for once I felt there was a chance to get creative and wear something comfy yet feminine. I should probably add, my sporty trousers and hoodies have definitely seen better days (unfortunately, not the part of my wardrobe I tend to update very often..) so it certainly doesn’t look anything like the “relaxed look” you see featured on women’s magazines!


And here are my babies in their travel day outfits 😉


How do you travel? What is your favourite piece to wear?

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