#5ThingsFriday Link Up: My 5 Working Out Tips

Ever since I ran the marathon last year (and trained for it!), I’ve been a bit lost in terms of exercising. I’ve been going out for my runs every now and then, done my dance classes, some yoga, some Piloxing, but as I haven’t had a goal to aim for, it felt rather meaningless. It was great to have a set goal and a very precise training plan that kept me going and it gave me a feeling that there is some point to my training.

In the past weeks I’ve been thinking about if I should sign up for a race or set myself some other goal. But what would that be? Then, just by accident, I came across this 30-day AB Challenge on Facebook and I thought well that’s as good a start as any. Then there were other challenges… So I thought that as my first “5 Things Friday” -post, I’d share my current “back to exercising” Top 5 getting started and motivational tips:

1. 30-day AB Challenge

Shared by Robyn Mendenhall Gardner on Facebook

I don’t know about you guys, but I find it really difficult to find the time (and motivation!) to go to the gym and do some strength training… I thought this was a great idea to get started! Combining this with Squat and Arm Challenges (below) actually makes up a nice workout you can do at home and it only takes about 15 minutes (just remember to add some form of warm up, for example a brisk walk around the block listening to your favourite tunes). I’m actually hoping to find the long lost gym motivation along the way too…

 2. 30 days to 200 Squats

Download the challenge from the fitsugar website here

3. 30-day ARM Challenge

Posted by Fit Bitch.

4. Running
Running is a fantastic way to improve your cardiovascular fitness level and the bonus is that it’s a very flexible way to workout… You can do it whenever you have time (for me that’s usually after the kids are gone to bed!) and you can do it anywhere. It doesn’t matter if you’re on holidays, you can still go. All you need to do is to remember to bring your runners. There are tons of free training plans available online, just pick the distance you’d like to train for and start searching for the one that suits you. Think about how many runs per week you can realistically manage and what kind of distance you can currently do. Beginners often start with combined walking and jogging sessions and slowly build up to running throughout the whole session. Having a training plan and perhaps a race in mind is a great way to keep you going. I also announced my marathon plans to everyone on Facebook and in my blog, I could hardly back down after that?!

5. Do something you love or haven’t tried before
I love dancing. I’ve been dancing most of my life and did it professionally for years, but due to life being busy with kids and a full-time job I suddenly noticed that I had stopped going to classes. Well, now that I’m finished that full-time job, I’m going back to teaching Zumba classes! I also tried this new class called Piloxing, fell in love and signed up for instructor training… Nothing like the excitement of something new to get you going!

Would love to hear what kind of tricks others use to keep training!
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