Rainy Day Outfit

Remember those couple of awful rainy days last week? Yeah, me too and the only positive thing that came out of it, is the rainy day outfit pictures I forgot to publish! So even though it’s been a nice week in Dublin this week, here is some inspiration for a rainy day outfit.

Nice and comfy, sort of covered from the rain too!

Now that I don’t need to dress up for work, I’ve become a bit more adventurous with my clothes. When you’re in the office most of the week, you’re kind of limited in what you can wear as you have to adhere to the dress code. At the weekends, I always used to just grab my favourite jeans, a t-shirt/top, and a cardigan!

I’ve noticed that the recurring theme in my outfits these days is comfort. Even though I’m looking for comfortable outfits every morning, I still want it to be presentable, something that you can wear going out for a lunch and such. Often, I end up wearing sporty leggins and top, but pair it with a blazer to the outfit a hint of formality. I really like this new trend of mixing sporty with formal wear! It suits my new lifestyle really well.

I was going to wear a blazer with this outfit, but then I saw my denim jacket that I haven’t really worn much at all even though I’ve had it for a long, long time. I’m not (yet at least!) convinced of the denim on denim look, I think having been a young one in the 90s has something to do with that, so there is no way I would wear that denim jacket with my jeans. But now that I’ve started wearing leggins more, I think the denim jacket will get out more often too.

What do you think  – yay or nay?

Beanie – Name It
Denim Jacket – Vero Moda
White t-shirt – Reiss
White cardigan and Lilac long top (underneath) – H&M
Shoes – Converse (dainty)


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