Ramblings of a SAHM & Kiddies Clothes Sale Tip

I’ve been home with my darlings for nearly six weeks now and I think the honeymoon is wearing off… By the way, I’m kind of joking! I’ve had one of those days (well, a couple of days) at home with the two Messers that I’ve needed all the breathing, relaxation, and meditation tricks I know! The thing is, they haven’t been cranky or behaving extremely bold. They have actually been in really good form, full of messing, so much so that they aren’t listening to me! Something, I’m sure every single parent has experienced at some point. For some reason, my patience has been much shorter the last couple of days and it has felt like a much bigger “problem” than it really is. I mean you can’t really even call it a problem, that’s what they’re supposed to do! They’re having fun together and they completely forget that they should be listening to mummy… And then I lose my patience and give out to them, and five minutes later I feel really bad.

I do believe that kids need to be allowed to be kids and mess around, but I also believe they need to understand that if a parent asks them to stop, they need to stop. If not the first time, but the second time at least. I don’t like (I’m sure no parent likes!) to say things five or four times and sometimes that really gets on my nerves. I don’t like raising my voice, but sometimes I do. It’s not nice for anyone, definitely not for the kids and it doesn’t make me feel any better either. On the other hand, without trying to make excuses for myself, I think kids need to learn that people do lose their temper and might even shout at them if they keep pushing it. As long as it doesn’t happen all the time, maybe it’s not such a bad thing that they learn it at home? It shouldn’t become a habit, something that happens every day, or even every week, and the parent should always apologise for raising their voice and then discuss what happened. I’ve noticed that my eldest has started to stand up for himself and I think that’s a very good thing. I have said it to him that he is right to stand up for himself, admitted that mummy was wrong, apologised, and discussed what led to the situation. All in all, I feel that disciplining kids is a juggle between being too strict or letting them run the whole show and I often find myself questioning if I’m being too strict with them. What kind of measures do you take when your kids are not listening to you? Do you raise your voice sometimes and if so, what happens afterwards?

He’s not shy posing anyway!

Well, that was a heavy start on the weekend! On a lighter note, I thought I’d let you know of a kiddies clothes sale, in case you are looking for some summer gear for your little ones. Now that the weather has picked up and the days have been quite warm, I found myself rummaging through the kiddies wardrobes trying to find summer clothes for them… We get a lot of second hand clothes for the kids from our friends and I don’t need to buy many clothes for them, but as I happened to be in Mothercare this week and noticed they had summer clothes with 30% off, I thought I’d get a few… I found quite a few nice summer bottoms for both Mr and Missy Messer.

Mr Messer’s gray linen trousers were €11.20 and fit him really well. I always have trouble finding him trousers that don’t keep running down showing his backside to the whole playground… They are cool to wear but will cover him from the sun as well. You can leave them down at full length or roll them up just below the knees.

Digging in process…

Dunnes are also selling girls t-shirts for €2.50! I got a couple of them for Missy Messer and they seem quite good quality too, and they have other colours than different shades of pink which is nice for a change. The trousers are from Mothercare for €15 (they weren’t on sale…but look at them, I couldn’t leave them in the shop!!).


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