Fostering an Active Lifestyle

It has been such a lovely week this week and then we woke up to the thunder and lightning this morning… Luckily enough, it’s the last day of Mr Messer’s football camp at Foxrock-Cabinteely GAA so they actually got a full four days of sunshine!

He loves playing with a ball, he’s always asking to go outside and play so I thought now that he is four maybe he could do one of these camps. I found out that our local GAA club were doing a camp for his age this week so I registered him straight away. He was so excited when he heard that he’s going to a FOOTBALL CAMP!

First morning, concentrating hard...

First morning, concentrating hard…

He was super excited going in the first morning, it wasn’t until the next morning when the tears came. I think he’s had so much fun at home with me and Missy Messer all summer that he was a bit torn between wanting to go and missing us. Although, once they brought them out to the pitch and started playing, he had already forgotten all about us! They were playing a lot of different games with the ball, carrying it along running through an obstacle course, passing it on to each other in a circle, throwing, kicking… It really looked like a lot of fun! So much so, that Missy Messer was crying every morning as we were leaving “Mummy, I want to play football too”.

Little footballers

Little footballers

The coaches also noticed Missy Messer’s desire to join in, so one afternoon they suggested that I leave her in for an hour the next day. So with them saying “sure she can join in with the infants and you can go and do something on your own” and Missy Messer pulling at my hand “play football mummy, I want to play football too”, the decision was made. I could already see myself sitting in one of the coffee shops, on my own, having my coffee and reading a magazine in peace!

Big brother showing her the way

Big brother showing her the way

She didn’t need to be asked twice and Mr Messer was the best big brother! He took her by the hand and showed her where to go. Off they went like two little troopers towards new adventures, and mummy headed off towards her coffee in peace and quiet!

Someone is a little impatient, come on let's go!

Someone is a little impatient, come on let’s go!

Missy Messer in her dress, sorry, bib!

Missy Messer in her dress bib!

Tired after a hard day at the camp!

Tired after a hard day at the camp!

It has been a tough and exciting week for Mr Messer! He really seemed to enjoy playing, being part of his little team and scoring lots of goals (well, that’s what he keeps telling us anyway) so I think we will have to get him signed up for regular sessions! As for Missy Messer, I will have lots of explaining to do why she can’t go with Mr Messer… I have a feeling we will be spending a lot of time at the football pitch in the years to come!

I have always hoped that my kids will show interest in sports. It doesn’t really matter to me what type of activity it is, whether it’s GAA, soccer, rugby, dancing, gymnastics, athletics, or even horse riding that they are interested in, but I would love my kids to learn to love an active lifestyle from a very young age. It was lovely to see the teenagers from the club coaching the little ones at the camp and I think it is a great opportunity for them to be part of something and learn important skills in life. I am also hoping that if they keep it up, join the local club and are active members through their childhood and teenage years, they might stay away from drinking, smoking, and drugs. I know they’re only two and four, but I already worry about these things!!

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