Living/Dining Room

We’re a little over a year in this house now and I’ve only introduced two rooms so far (my early morning oasis and the new bathroom upstairs). It has taken a bit of time to get all the little bits and pieces together. I mean the small bits like pictures, candles, cushions, other textiles and it’s still work in progress, but our combined Living and Dining Room is ready to be introduced!

I love the big windows to the front and the big double doors from the dining area to the back garden. The room is so bright, even on a dark, rainy day!
IMG_6348The house was in very good condition when we bought it. We have only changed the floors and doors downstairs, painted the rooms, and did the bathroom upstairs (literally took everything out and put new stuff in!).

I’m really happy that we finally managed to put all the pictures up as well. The space over the dining table was empty for a long time… I still have a few ideas for the living area, well the whole of downstairs, but I need to win the lottery first! For now, I’m very happy with what we have 🙂



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