It Ain’t Over until It’s Over!

Time flies when you’re having fun, right? I can’t believe it’s three months since I finished work to stay at home with the Little Messers. It was probably one of the better times of the year to start my new career at home as the weather has been absolutely wonderful. During these three months there has only been a handful of days that I’ve had to come up with something to do, usually we just pack our stuff and head out for the day!

Mr Messer showing off his new boat!

Mr Messer showing off his new boat!

Now it’s not all rainbows and butterflies, we have of course had our bad days. Usually, it’s the days when we don’t get to go out much and the kiddies start getting on each others nerves. Then they start getting on my nerves. And then we’re all just annoyed with each other. But even on those bad days, I’d still rather be at home with them than send them to the crèche. What makes it all so much easier is the lack of stress and guilt. I felt under pressure to get home when I was at work. I was getting stressed over the pile of documents that needed to be sent out, but would have to wait as the kiddies needed to be collected. The rushing from home to work and from work to home. Then you pick up the kids, you’re told they’ve had a great day, but by the time you get home you have two monsters screaming at you because they’re tired, and hungry, and they’ve missed you.

Missy Messer being cute at one of our regular coffee shops

Missy Messer being cute at one of our regular coffee shops

It’s only three months, but I feel like it was definitely the right decision to make. As crazy as it might sound, I was a bit worried that I couldn’t handle the two of them all day every day! What am I going to do with them? Are they going to get bored with me? During these three months, I have realised that toddlers don’t really need that much planned programme or thousands of different activities. As long as you play with them, they are happy. Or even if you bring them to the same playground every day, they’re happy. I think I missed a lot of what was going on with the Little Messers when I was working. I feel like I am more present with them now and not preoccupied with something else all the time. Of course they are changing as they grow as well, but it has been great to see just how close they are. As a friend said yesterday, they are as thick as thieves. When Missy Messer was a baby, I remember thinking I must have been mad to want them so close together. I wasn’t quite prepared how much extra work it was going to be with two smallies, but now I can see it was definitely worth it.

Best Friends

Best Friends

It has been a truly amazing summer and even now, with the Autumn looming just around the corner I’m not sad for the summer to be over. I am looking forward to the new things that autumn will bring. But it ain’t over until it’s over! Last trip of the summer is about to begin as we head to Mayo on Saturday. I can feel another travel review coming… 🙂


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