Skincare Heaven – La Roche-Posay

As a teenager, I never had any problems with my skin. I got the odd spot or blackhead but never anything serious. Then a couple of years ago, every spring I would get my forehead filled with white spots that would vanish once the winter started knocking on the door. Last year, they started appearing on my cheeks as well and I also noticed an invasion of blackheads. I started to get a bit desperate… I had tried all sorts of products. Cheap ones, expensive ones, very expensive ones, and even homemade ones, but nothing seemed to be working. Around Christmas time, most of the white spots had disappeared as well as the blackheads (thanks to a couple of deep cleansing facials at a local beauty salon!) but I thought I really need to do something about it.

So I went to a local pharmacy and took my time checking their products. I saw a big section reserved for a brand called La Roche-Posay and had a vague memory of having bought their moisturiser a couple of years ago, and liking it. A very scientific research approach as you can see… I started off carefully and only bought a light moisturiser as a first step. I thought if my skin likes it, I’ll get a few more of their products. I’ve never had a big skincare routine as such. I mean I’m good at doing the cleansing/moisturising ritual every night, but I just couldn’t handle using three or four different products to get it all done. One to cleanse and another to moisturise, please!

Here is my current skincare arsenal (no, you can’t really call it that!) and I have to say it seems to be working perfectly. The only reason I am writing this post is because I just realised last week that the white spots never appeared this year!


This is my one and only cleanser. It removes all my make-up and the rest of the gunk. It is good for irritable skin, which mine can be especially during winter months!


This moisturiser is quite rich and it is targeted for very dry and sensitive skin. I use it more like a night cream, although it does work very well for day time use too as it absorbs very well. I use this more when my skin gets very dry and irritated, usually during winter or when seasons are changing!


This moisturiser is a bit lighter and I use it in the mornings. It is targeted for normal to combination sensitive and dehydrated skin. This has been really good for me during the summer months. I think switching between this and the Nutritic Intense Riche moisturiser as the weather and skin changes has made a big difference and could even be the reason for my much clearer skin this summer. Needless to say, I am delighted!

What are your “go to” -products? Oh, and can anyone recommend a good exfoliant??


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