Hello Autumn!

It’s the last week of hanging around for us. Next week Mr Messer will start his preschool year in a local Montessori, it’s a good bye to lazy mornings for us! I’ve had the most amazing summer though, so I’m most certainly not complaining. In a way, it will be good to get some structure as well, although I can’t say I haven’t enjoyed these days when we don’t have to do anything!

The Hubby also took three weeks off this summer and for once we didn’t go abroad, but stayed put and didn’t have any massive plans for the holidays. Our only planned activity was a trip to Co. Mayo last week, visiting his sister in Castlebar for a couple of days and spending another couple of days in Westport. Other than that, we enjoyed the time at home, going for coffees in the morning, meeting friends, going for walks and to playgrounds and just generally lazying around!

Keel, Achill Island

Keel, Achill Island

You can definitely feel the season is changing! It is much colder in the mornings and the shops are full of autumn and winter gear… and gone are the days when I could just pick up what ever I thought looked nice (either in the shops or in the morning!). Both of them want to pick their clothes themselves these days. There has been a good few mornings recently, when I’ve had to explain to Mr Messer why he can’t wear his football jersey and shorts he loves so much… But it’s too cold outside to be wearing shorts! says me. But mummy, I will run super fast so I won’t be cold! Who can argue the logic of a four-year-old?! Today he picked his own trousers in the shops, so perhaps this discussion is history now. He loves his new trousers and I have to agree with him… Very cute!

Proud of his new trousers!

Proud of his new trousers!

Missy Messer on the other hand, usually picks one of her dresses and lets me pick the rest to go with it so that’s not too bad. Until we get to the accessories bit… You know, shoes and hats. Here is a perfect example, styled to the teeth by her two-year-old self:

Styled to the teeth...

Styled to the teeth…


The intention wasn't half bad :)

The intention wasn’t half bad 🙂

Lots of things to look forward to in terms of work and having had the best summer ever with my two messers, I can only say Hello Autumn, let’s be having ya!


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