Driving Me Mental

I’m normally quite easygoing, I don’t tend to stress too much about what other people do or think. That’s their problem. I am as cool as a cucumber, but there are a couple of things that get on my nerves in a really bad way and make the little vein on my forehead throb like it’s going to explode. One of them is certain types of drivers…

This looks like a perfect spot!

This looks like a perfect spot!

1. People who can’t park properly

I can understand that sometimes you’re in a hurry, or that the space is really tight, or you really haven’t quite mastered the art of parking your car between the white lines (they are there for a reason: your space, my space!!) but please be aware that if you park yours nearly sideways next to my banger of a car, be prepared that my backside might cause the door to bump into your car a couple of times as I try to squeeze one of the kids in the car. See, I don’t really care as a few more scrapes on mine won’t make much of a difference. You, on the other hand, might feel quite differently about your car!

2. People who can’t choose the correct lane in roundabouts

You know, the ones who drive in the outside lane all around the roundabout and take the very last exit… What do these people think the two (or more!) lanes are for, decoration? Where are the rest of us supposed to go, drive around as if we were in a carousel?

3. People who park in “parent&child” spaces and don’t have kids in the car

Another parking related issue, but something that drives me insane. The parking spaces in Ireland are tiny, I mean really really tiny. If you drive a Nissan Micra, you’re ok. Anything bigger than that, you can barely squeeze the car between the two white lines mentioned earlier. It is nearly impossible to try to get the kids out of the car, so there is definitely a need for these “parent&child” spaces. They’re not there just for fun, the same way disabled spaces are there for a good reason. What really makes my blood boil, are the people who clearly have kids (car seats and all in the car), but have gone shopping on their own and still park in the “parent&child” spots. You of all people should know better!

4. People insisting to back into the parking space, no matter what

This actually doesn’t annoy me, it just puzzles me… Usually, it takes them forever. More often than not, it’s people driving massive cars and haven’t a clue exactly how far the back of their car is. And the best part, once they finally get the car parked they then wiggle themselves between the cars to the back to get a buggy out from the boot. I understand that sometimes, depending on the angle you come in, it might be easier to back the car into the spot, but why insist on doing it if there really is no advantage or if it blocks the access to the boot that you need to get to anyway if you’re doing your weekly shopping?

Obviously, there are far worse things in life to get annoyed about but for some reason these are the things that really get me sometimes, apart from the really dangerous ones, speeding in estates etc…

What about you, what kind of drivers make you want to become violent?

photo credit: Dusty J via photopin


One thought on “Driving Me Mental

  1. I feel you, the ones that impede traffic flow test my patience everyday. Keep resisting the temptation of the rage zone by sharing your stories with us. Safe travels!


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