Autumn Brings Back the Routine

Autumn has arrived, kind of. Kids are back to school, holidays are over, but we’re waiting for the autumn chill to settle. I’m in no rush though, we’re certainly enjoying the warm days as the kids have spent most evenings playing with our neighbours’ kids on the street. Mr Messer started his preschool year at the beginning of September so that has brought some routine into our days. This is what a typical day in the Little Messers’ House looks like:

Morning. The kiddies usually get up at the same time with their daddy around 7am and they all go downstairs to have breakfast. I usually stay in bed and try to sleep for another few minutes, it’s needed due to the lack of sleep during the night (read about our sleepless nights here!). I usually get up around 8 and try to get the kids cleaned and dressed first as they like to watch Team Umizoomi that’s on at 8.15 and them watching telly gives me a chance to get myself ready a lot quicker…

First day running to school

First day running to school

After Team Umizoomi, it’s time to walk Mr Messer to Montessori. He chats to everyone on the way… He brings one of his toys with him and then he shows it to anyone passing us by and tells them stories about the toy. He’s the chatterbox of the house and has no problem talking to anyone. It’s quite cute and actually a very easy way to get to know people around here! While Mr Messer is in Montessori, us girls usually go for a coffee (well, coffee for mummy and milk or a smoothie for the missy!) and then do the weekly shopping, go to Jo Jingles or swimming, or just play at home or at the playground. I thought four hours is a long time, it’s not… I thought I’d have time to do a bit of tidying up or work while Missy Messer would play after our activities, but there’s never any time left for that.

Afternoon stroll in Dun Laoghaire

Afternoon stroll in Dun Laoghaire

IMG_6979IMG_6989Afternoon. We pick up Mr Messer from Montessori at around 1pm and come home for lunch. After lunch, I usually let them watch TV for a while or they play in the playroom (depends on the mood they’re in!!) while I do a bit of necessary domestic work. After all the necessary bits are done, we either go outside to play or we do something together in the house. Later in the afternoon it’s time to come in and the kids usually get to decide what they would like to do while I prepare the dinner. Sometimes it’s colouring, sometimes they want to help me, sometimes they play in the back garden, sometimes they watch TV again!

Sometimes Missy Messer has a different idea of colouring...

Sometimes Missy Messer has a different idea of colouring…

Evening. There’s excitement all around when daddy comes home (and not least by me…). Now that the weather has been good, the evenings have been spent outside playing with the other kids on the street. On Friday nights we usually have dinner together as neither myself or the Hubby are going out for runs or classes! Around 6.30pm kids come in, watch two episodes of Peppa Pig and two episodes of Max & Ruby. Then it’s upstairs, jammies on, wash, bedtime story and the two of them are in their beds by 7pm most nights.

Happy in her big girl's bed

Happy in her big girl’s bed

So that’s a typical day in our house, but now let’s enjoy this lovely Sunday without schedules and relax with our little ones until another week of routine starts again! Have a lovely day 🙂

PS. Did you notice the new badge on the right? Yes, I made it to the Finalist stage at the Blog Awards Ireland 2014 Best Parenting Blog category! I couldn’t believe my eyes when I saw the finalist list, but it’s lovely to see that people enjoy reading my ramblings. And Thank you to one of the judges at Written in Black & White blog for the nice words!


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