Review: Cian and Santa’s Irish Adventure – A Personalised Children’s Christmas Book

With the territory of blogging, sometimes comes the opportunity to review products and services. I have received a couple of such requests, but this one is actually the first one I decided to review and write about because it was something I could see myself buying anyway!

Irish Christmas Adventure

Irish Christmas Adventure Photo courtesy of Digital Scribe

Irish Christmas Adventure is a personalised children’s Christmas book written by L J Taylor, illustrated by Patrick D. Kinsella, and it’s an Irish product published by Digital Scribe based in Bray, Co. Wicklow. “Each of our books are fully personalised with important information about your child. Stories include information such as your child’s name, friends’ names, hometown, child’s age, dedication page and much more!” (

The story is about your child (so Mr Messer in our case) searching for Santa who has gone missing on Christmas Eve. Mr Messer and Finbar the Irish Elf fly in Santa’s sleigh searching for him everywhere from Newgrange to the Giant’s Causeway to the Cliffs of Moher, until they finally find him and Christmas is saved.

In the middle of the story, listening carefully!

In the middle of the story, listening carefully!

Both Mr Messer and Missy Messer were quite excited to read a Christmas story one evening last week. The book came with a personalised letter from Santa, needless to say Mr Messer was in awe and delighted to hear he had made it to the good boys and girls’ list! Then he saw the book cover: “Look mum, that’s ME!” (They put a picture of your child on the cover too). When I started reading the story, they were both very very quiet and really listening to the story. Usually, at least one of them if not both bounce around the bedroom or start chatting about the story or pictures. This time, they both just sat there next to me, carefully listening to the story.When the book was finished, Mr Messer looked at me and said, “that was a nice story, even Siún and *my friend* was in it and we all got presents!”

Loving the new book!

Loving the new book!

We all thought the story was very interesting and nicely written. It was a nice read and a beautifully illustrated book. Having all the information about his age, where we live, and his friend and little sister featured in the story certainly made this book a bit more special to him. He was walking around the house with the book in his hand the next morning!

I think this story is perfect for getting the kids into the Christmas mood. It would be a really lovely read on Christmas Eve as that’s when the adventure takes place. Once you have placed the order, it takes approx. 5 days to create the book and delivery time is about 1-2 days within Ireland. Deadline for Christmas orders is 16th of December. You can order your book from the Digital Scribe website by clicking here. The book is priced at €15.99.

Disclaimer: I received the book from the publisher for the purposes of this review. I was not paid to review the book and all the opinions are my own.


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