The Thing Called ‘School Logistics’

It has been a summer and autumn of change for us indeed. I went back to full time work in May after a lovely year off with the two Messers. The first thing we had to do was to sort out childcare. Mr Messer was still in Montessori in the mornings, but Missy Messer was at home with me. I wasn’t ready to put the two of them back into the creche as that was one of the reasons why I stopped working and I felt that putting them back in there wouldn’t really make any sense. Another option was to get someone to mind them in our home. Knowing that come September, they would both be in School and Montessori for the morning and I would only need someone for the afternoon made me wonder if I’m ever going to find someone who wants to work full time during the summer and go part time from September…

monti grad 2

Proud Montessori Graduate

Managing work and childcare arrangements can be, well, a bit of a juggle as anyone with kids knows better than well. Once we found our perfect child minder who was more than happy to do the hours we had laid out and who the kids absolutely adore, my other concern was how will we manage once school starts. You see, it was nice and easy during the summer: child minder arrives in the morning, kids can still be in their pyjamas, no rushing (apart from getting myself ready!) or nagging, just hop in the car and drive to work. Then finish work and drive home. No manic stress to get to the creche in time before they close or no phone calls in the middle of a meeting telling you that one of them is sick and needs to be picked up…

Heading to Big School and Montessori for the first time, exciting!!

Heading to Big School and Montessori for the first time, exciting!!

School introduced a whole new level of logistics. Or so I thought at least. Mr Messer is in school from 9.00 to 13.35. Missy Messer is in Montessori from 9.00  to 13.00. Our child minder arrives to the house around 14.00, straight from school. I wanted to be the one to do the school runs, it also makes sense as I can work from home as often as I need (or want) to and on top of that, the office is only 10 minutes down the road. I thought it would be more hectic and harder to manage in terms of work meetings, but with the first term finishing this week I must say I’m positively surprised how easy it has been. It’s only been a handful of times that I have had to decline a meeting or take a call during a school run and not once has anyone raised an eyebrow when I’ve mentioned I’m picking up the kids from school. More often that not, they’ve profusely apologised and asked me to give them a call once I’m back in the office!

Big boy ready to go! If only mummy would stop with these pictures...

Big boy ready to go! If only mummy would stop with these pictures…

I love the fact that I get to see them halfway through the day, to be able to have a little chat with them straight after school and really see how their day has been. It also breaks up my day. I get a bit of fresh air and get to stretch my legs. Otherwise I’d be staring at the screen the whole day! I know it’s not possible for everyone, but if you are close enough to school and can spare your lunchtime for the school run it’s well worth it!

First day done and dusted!

First day done and dusted!



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