Honours Degree in Toilet Training – Part Two

A good couple of months ago I was pouring my heart out (here) about the difficulty of toilet training. How I realised that the success of my eldest mastering the art of relieving himself in the loo had nothing to do with my exceptional parenting skills, but was rather a result of patience and persistence of the girls in Mr. Messer’s creche at the time… So how is Missy Messer getting on, two months later?



As I had started to suspect towards the end of week one, we had probably made too big a deal out of it. She’s a funny fish in that she wants to do things her own way, in her own time (definitely didn’t inherit that from me, ahem…), compared to Mr. Messer who you can bribe talk into pretty much anything you need him to do. So we decided to leave her alone. Ask the occational “do you need to go to the toilet”, but otherwise we let her be. I was getting slightly worried as she could go all day without doing anything. I was thinking it can’t be good to hold it in either.

However, we persisted. Except when it was time to go to bed I would sit her on the toilet and sit down on the floor in front of her. I would turn on the tap and let the water run. I would ask her to listen to the water and relax. There was a lot of hand-holding and soothing words, but after a couple of days she started to ask to go to the toilet during the day. It took a few more days for her to get comfortable with it all and within a week she was also dry at night. In the end, it was actually quite easy. We just had to leave her be. So there’s a lesson for mummy to learn as well – sometimes you just need to sit back and relax and let nature take care of it!


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