Easter Excitement

Lastminute.com. That’s me. Whether it’s renewing the car insurance or getting Easter eggs for the kids, why do it now if you can do it tomorrow? This year was no different, for the Easter eggs or the car insurance. Why did I not buy the giant kinder eggs the first time I saw them about a month ago, was the predominant question in my mind as I was racing through the aisles of our local Dunnes last night. Just as well the Little Messers didn’t know about the giant kinder eggs so Easter was not completely doomed.


So just before climbing into bed last night, I hid a good few smaller eggs and other chocolate figures around the house. I put one on their bedside tables, wondering if they will just quietly scoff them in the morning before anyone can say no!

“Mummy! Daddy! Look! Look! Easter bunny was in my bedroom”

“Siún, let’s go and find more Easter eggs!”

I was woken up by the two excited Little Messers, stomping around the house, giggling and laughing.

“Cian, this is unbelievable!”

“This is the best Easter ever!”

Well worth it ♡♡ Happy Easter!


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