Junior Elephants

I remember when Mr Messer started in Junior Infants (or elephants, as he called it himself!), I was really looking forward to him getting homework. I had this rosy image in my head where we would both sit down at my desk and he would do his homework while I’m working away myself and we would be chatting about how his day has been and so on. I obviously forgot that someone will have to remember to get the homework done too. And so far my home office has not materialised either so most days homework gets done pretty much as the last thing in the evening just before bedtime, or last thing in the morning just as we’re supposed to head out the door. Because someone forgot.


This is how we do homework…

He loves school. He runs in every morning, happy to see his little pals and looking forward to learn new things. He likes doing his homework too. He asks me, “mummy, can we do my homework now?“. It has been interesting to see how they learn to read and write, learning the sounds of the letters first and then moving onto blending them into words. How he tries to read all the sign posts and posters no matter where we are. How they start off to count, combine and match. Then beginning to add. It was a daily task in our house only a couple of weeks ago to count to at least one hundred and then going further to two hundred, three hundred… Now we’re at “nine plus two is…. …. …. ELEVEN!

tuleva kirjailija

The fat cat sat on the mat

We had our first parent-teacher meeting earlier this year and the teacher confirmed what we thought, he is doing very well. He always plays with his friends, he is never alone in the school yard. He listens very carefully to the teachers and takes on board what has been taught. She also said she’d like him to relax a little in the classroom. He’s shy to answer a question, even when he knows the answer. Oh, and when the teacher calls him he has this scared look on his face oh no, am I in trouble?! But apparently he is a lovely boy to have in the class, he always helps his friends if he’s finished and they need help. That does sound like my little boy ❤



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