Missy Messer loves to suck her thumb. She does it all the time. Sometimes we have to ask her to take the thumb out when she’s talking… It looks very cute and it hasn’t affected her speech. It gives her great comfort and made our lives much easier when she was a baby as you can’t really lose your thumb in the bed!


The only problem is her teeth. Her front teeth are pushed out a bit and her thumb on the left hand looks funny too. The dentist said that while her front teeth are out a bit, what can you do? You’re only going to traumatise her if you start going on about the thumb all the time. Fair point, but how much damage can we let it cause until it’s Ok to “make her stop”? She’ll be four in June, she’s had a good go of it and maybe we should try to encourage her to stop.


In the last couple of weeks, she has started saying things like “big girl’s don’t suck their thumbs, only when they’re sleeping“. Not sure where the big girls part came from, but I have started to drop a few hints lately that she might only want to do it when she’s watching TV or sleeping. But how far can you push it?


But I want to suck my thumb!


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