#TBT: Bump to Baby – Mr Messer

Since Mr Messer was born, I’ve been thinking about doing a yearly photo book for the kids, but somehow life is always too busy and I haven’t done much about it. I think I have managed to complete one that covers Mr Messer’s first year… I started the blog with the idea of capturing the moments in our life as they happen so that we can go back in years to come and read all the memories here. So one afternoon while I was thinking about the yearly photo books (again…), I got this brilliant idea of doing a Throwback Thursday -type of series here on the blog instead. I do have quite a bit of catching up to do so I better get started! Mr Messer first, let’s start with the journey from Bump to Baby.


Around week 21

That was the picture we used to announce the news to the world of Facebook. It was getting slightly difficult to cover the Bump in the office. Scarves and cardigans were a godsend!


Week 29

Eight weeks later and there’s no hiding anymore. I remember that tunic, it was my favourite. After Mr Messer was born too…


Week 31

Still out and about, a weekend stroll in Phoenix Park. Very little did we know how the weekend outings would change in the months to come.


Week 36

Five weeks later, it looks like I’ve swallowed a beach ball. The beginning of the summer that year was actually quite nice and warm. My ankles noticed that too…


Week 38

The last visit to granny and grandad to be. On maternity leave now, how exciting!!


Week 39

Ok, time to come out now… I can’t sleep or put my shoes on anymore!


Week 40

ONE DAY BEFORE THE LITTLE MAN WAS BORN. The Bump was huge… I got a good few comments about it towards the end. People were asking if I was sure I wasn’t expecting twins!

Baby Cian

And there he is, one small package of pure cuteness!


2 thoughts on “#TBT: Bump to Baby – Mr Messer

    • Thanks Mirella 🙂 another “project” I have is to sort out their art work… I have a big box full of them from since they were able to hold a crayon. Everything from both of them, in one box… it will take a while to get through that one!


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