#TBT: Bump to Baby – Missy Messer

It’s Thursday and time to look at Missy Messer’s journey from Bump to Baby. As it happens, the pictures are plenty with the first one and usually not so much with the second one… It was a bit harder to hunt down these pictures, there wasn’t a folder called “Bump no. 2” anywhere!


Week 22

The mandatory Facebook announcement picture, nice and compact even though it felt like the bump was massive from the start!


Week 29

Well the Bump is definitely out now. This time I around I also had a Little Messer to pose with!


Week 31

Looking back at the pictures, the Bump seems smaller than what I remember thinking back then! And what’s with the hair..??


Week 34

Coming out nicely, Missy Messer has not turned around yet..


Week 36

What a difference two weeks make! She was also very active in there, just not turning around. Still breech.


Week 37

The beach ball effect… And still breech, no sign of turning and the space is getting smaller and smaller.

last pic

Two weeks before she was born…

This is the last picture of the Bump, a family portrait! Oh well.. She never turned around, not even when the nurses tried to manhandle her around. So after a nice and relaxed c-section, here is our bundle of love:

Baby Siun

Missy Messer only 30mins old!


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