Welcome to my blog!

Little Messers’ House is all about our journey as a family, spiced up with some fitness, outfits, travelling, and pretty much anything that is going on in our house.

My name is Mirva, I’m a 30-something Finnish mother of two living in Dublin, Ireland. I moved to Ireland in May 2008 and since then I’ve managed to get married and give birth to two Little Messers.

Mr Messer was born in July 2010 and he is the chatterbox of the house. He is very busy and talks a lot. He never stops. He loves cars, airplanes, tractors, trains, trucks… Any transportation really! He also loves running. Why walk if you can run?!

Missy Messer was born in June 2012 and she adores her big brother. She is a strong-willed little chatterbox who only really likes to play with boys… She loves cuddles and could sit in my lap for hours, sucking her thumb. She brings her “wabbity” everywhere!

Please do join the conversation and share your experience in the comments, on facebook or you can contact me via email at littlemessershouse@gmail.com


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