Beach Holiday – What to Bring?

This post is for myself as a reminder more than anything else. It’s been a while since I was on a beach holiday so I wasn’t quite sure what I would need and indeed there was something extra and something missing this time around. So this post will serve as a list for the next time.

mirva sintra2

Shorts, comfy t-shirt and sandals – you can’t go wrong!

My everyday uniform was a t-shirt/top and denim shorts. I only had one pair of denim shorts and could have done with another one. I had also brought a short denim skirt but I found it slightly awkward with the kids so I would definitely swap that for a second pair of shorts… I had plenty of comfy tops and t-shirts, make sure to bring your favourite ones as those are the ones you will want to wear. I had also brought a pair of a bit fancier shorts that served well for going out in the evening.


These cuties from Primark (Penneys) were a star buy for €8 – they are so comfy, I walked tens and tens of kilometers in them!

For overcast or a bit cooler days I was missing a pair of comfy trousers. Sure I had packed my white jeans, but travelling with kids I don’t know what I was thinking… I suppose I was also being overly optimistic hoping that it would be sunny and 25+ degrees everyday!


Look, I did wear something other than shorts and t-shirts!

So with the above in mind, here’s my list for next time:

5-6 comfy t-shirts / tops
2 pairs of denim shorts
Long sleeve cardigan
3/4 sleeve cardigan (this was great for during the day as well if I needed cover from the sun!)
1-2 dresses
Comfy trousers
Flip flops
Flat sandals (comfy enough for walking longer distances too!)
Some underwear and bikini

Pick stuff that you can dress down for during the day and dress up for going out. We had the luxury of a washing machine so we didn’t have to bring too many clothes, but I also noticed that I tend to go for the same clothes as much as possible so there wasn’t really a need for too many different options!

4-5 t-shirts / vests
4 pairs of shorts (one fancier)
2 long sleeve tops
Pants and swimsuit

4-5 t-shirts
2 pairs of shorts
3 dresses
3 leggings (one full length)
Long sleeve top
Pants and swimsuit


Skincare Heaven – La Roche-Posay

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