Living/Dining Room

We’re a little over a year in this house now and I’ve only introduced two rooms so far (my early morning oasis and the new bathroom upstairs). It has taken a bit of time to get all the little bits and pieces together. I mean the small bits like pictures, candles, cushions, other textiles and it’s still work in progress, but our combined Living and Dining Room is ready to be introduced! Continue reading


Early Morning Oasis

As some of you might know, we moved into our new house this summer and have made a few changes around the place. You know, to suit our style… I have already introduced you to our new bathroom (post can be found here), but let me introduce you to my latest addition. It is my saviour during those dark, early morning hours with our kids whizzing around and everyone trying to get ready. After months of hovering over the toilet trying to see myself in the mirror and splash some makeup on, trying to look like a human being again, I had a “light bulb moment” and decided our spare room upstairs would be much better served as my Dressing Room. Continue reading

I <3 My Bathroom

We moved into our new house a couple of months ago. We used to have nice powershowers in our old house and I knew we didn’t have it in the new, but we had decided to redo the bathroom anyway. Well, that was a looooong couple of months. I never thought I could actually DISLIKE having a shower!  Continue reading