A Family Holiday in Cascais, Portugal

I have fallen in love. With Cascais that is. We booked our summer holiday already before Christmas so it was a long time coming! Also, a friend from work goes there every summer with his family (they have kids around the same age as our little messers) and he’s always telling us stories from their holidays so the expectations were high.


Streets of Cascais

Cascais is a little town on the Atlantic coast about 40 mins’ train ride from Lisbon. It’s big enough to have three beaches within walking distance from the town centre and more than enough restaurants and shops to go through over the ten days we spent there. On the other hand, it’s small enough to have that lazy rhythm of life when your pace walking along the tiny streets has reduced to less than half from the usual pace you race through the streets at home. Continue reading


Review: Cian and Santa’s Irish Adventure – A Personalised Children’s Christmas Book

With the territory of blogging, sometimes comes the opportunity to review products and services. I have received a couple of such requests, but this one is actually the first one I decided to review and write about because it was something I could see myself buying anyway!

Irish Christmas Adventure

Irish Christmas Adventure Photo courtesy of Digital Scribe

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Skincare Heaven – La Roche-Posay

As a teenager, I never had any problems with my skin. I got the odd spot or blackhead but never anything serious. Then a couple of years ago, every spring I would get my forehead filled with white spots that would vanish once the winter started knocking on the door. Last year, they started appearing on my cheeks as well and I also noticed an invasion of blackheads. I started to get a bit desperate… I had tried all sorts of products. Cheap ones, expensive ones, very expensive ones, and even homemade ones, but nothing seemed to be working. Around Christmas time, most of the white spots had disappeared as well as the blackheads (thanks to a couple of deep cleansing facials at a local beauty salon!) but I thought I really need to do something about it. Continue reading

Tangle Teezer – What’s the Fuss?

I’ve read about this new, funny looking hairbrush in several blogs and they’ve all been praising how fabulous it is. It’s been on my to do list for ages to get one of these and see what the fuss is all about, but hadn’t quite managed to get one until I found out they sell them in Boots! My local Boots only had it in one colour, a deliciously bright pink. “Well, that will look nice in my dressing room!” I thought to myself. Having just done a quick look at the Tangle Teezer website, I’ve realised they come in a huge selection of colours and patterns! Continue reading

Rain, Rain, Go Away… What to do on a rainy day? Play Cafe Review

What do you guys do when it rains and you’ve already been to the swimming pool, had play dates, and spent a couple of days at home drawing, painting, playing, and watching movies? You’ve probably heard this before, but we are so lucky to live where we live. There are so many things to do and this one that I’m going to introduce now is perfect for rainy days! Or if it gets too hot and sunny… Or if you just need a cuppa and a chance to sit down for a few minutes. Continue reading