‘Tis the Time for Procrastination

It’s nearly Christmas. Everyone in this house is counting down the days. The Little Messers are counting down the days to Christmas Day morning, where the parents of the house are counting down the days to 5pm on Friday the 23rd. It’s about time, I’ve been ready for the holidays for the last three weeks.

A lot has happened this year, like every year I suppose. We had a fantastic summer. First I went to Helsinki (on my own!) for a couple of days in May. Then we had our family holiday trip to Cascais in the beginning of June and once the schools were over, myself and the Little Messers took off to Finland for five whole weeks (a few memories here , here and here). So the first half of the year was great. Then we were back to school and back to the routine. I started teaching Zumba and Fitness classes again and really, really enjoyed it. I have two classes a week now and I have to say I love it.
It wasn’t until towards the mid-term break at the end of October when the other news started coming in. The first one was our childminder getting a job at a Montessori, of which I truly am happy for her, but it naturally gave us a bit of a headache. So what now? Are we getting a new childminder? Will we put the kids to an after school club? Then one evening during mid-term break, I get a text telling me that Missy Messer’s Montessori has closed down. As of now. In the end, we got all that sorted. We found a new Montessori for Missy Messer the following day and I’m taking some parental days to cover some of the afternoons. It’s not easy, but I think it’s the best option for now. I mean, work doesn’t stop if I take an afternoon off so naturally, I have a mailbox full of stuff the next morning… Some afternoons I just have to work from home (with the kids around) as the deadlines aren’t moving just because I happen to be (technically) off that afternoon.

I sometimes wonder if I’m just making more work for myself for no reason. Should I just pay for the after school club and get them to do the school run too. Imagine, I could sit down and have lunch in work without rushing around to make sure I’m at the school in time! Or juggling meeting requests that pop into my diary for the exact time when I’m running between work, Mr Messer’s school and Missy Messer’s Montessori. Why not just do what most people do, go to work in the morning and come back home in the evening without the shenanigans in between… But then again, I love doing the school pickup. Even if it’s a bit messy at times. It’s a great time to have a little chat with them to find out how they are doing in school. You hear a lot of stories from them about their day and you also get to know the other parents a little bit, which is handy for play dates and the rest.

I also do prefer the two of them being at home at least some of the afternoons as they can relax at home if they’re tired after school. I can see the two of them getting tired now closer to Christmas and they also need the break. It’s also nice to have a couple of afternoons with them where we can go and do things together. The two of them love going for walks in the park just as the sun is setting and it’s getting a little bit darker. We usually go out when it’s starting to get dark and by the time we’re halfway through our 40min loop, it’s really dark and they find it quite exciting. And what a way for me to clear the head after a busy day too!

It’s that holy grail of balance that we are all trying to find. Even still I sometimes go back to thinking, would it not be easier if I found a job that I could only do when the kids are in school, complemented with the couple of weekly classes I teach in the evenings. But what would that job be? Unfortunately, the corporate world doesn’t seem to work that way. Well, at least not in my current job as the work just keeps piling up and then I get stressed about it! I find myself thinking about this time and again. Sometimes I think I should just keep plodding along, they’re not small forever and soon enough they can be at home on their own too. Other times I think I should just do something about it rather than think, think, think. Just make a plan and start working towards a goal, one step at a time. And then I realise I’m too tired to do anything extra so I just plonk myself on the couch and put on another superhero movie. Tomorrow. I will do that tomorrow.


Back in the Little Messers’ House

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Irish Christmas Adventure Photo courtesy of Digital Scribe

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