Clean, snatch, run!

A couple of weeks ago, I would have probably thought the above meant some sort of household chore you’re trying to run away from… Now I know the first two mean some weird movements with a barbell that alone weighs more than I’m comfortable with and have no clue how to perform! I’ve recently begun to realise that there must be a part in me that has some masochistic tendencies. For example, not only did I sign up for a marathon some years ago, but sure enough I decided to do it again and not just any marathon. Of course it had to be Connemarathon (you can read all about my suffering here)! And this is coming from a girl who used to hate running with passion


Looking quite comfy after your “regular” bodyweight HIIT session… Little did I know about what was to come!

After completing Connemarathon, and recovering from it (mainly from the shock!), I started thinking about what my next challenge would be. Run another marathon? I wasn’t really hungry for it anymore, unless we’re talking about New York or London! Ironman? I’m not mad about the part where you need to swim in the sea with all the sharks and other suspicious things and the amount of training is probably taking it too far as well (I think the hubby would divorce me at that stage!). How about some other adventure race? Most of them include Kayaking here in Ireland and for some reason that’s putting me off.. At least for now. Then I came across CrossFit. I mean, I had heard about it before. Had read about it. It all looked mental to be honest, probably a perfect match so! I saw the two documentaries on Netflix and thought, Hey, I can’t do any of that stuff, but maybe I could learn?! So there I was, standing outside a CrossFit gym one Tuesday evening, sh*tting myself. Somehow, I’d managed to sign myself up for it…

So what have I learned in the last couple of weeks? Attending the CrossFit classes has definitely shown me just how imbalanced I am. I have veerryyy quickly noticed which is my stronger side – it really is quite evident when you’re doing what they call a ‘Turkish Get Up’ with that big blob (aka kettlebell…) and you’re flying up and down on one side and then can barely hold your arm straight on the other.. What I am good at – I can do those runs, yay, and what I suck at – yes, hello there you Olympic weightlifting stuff, I don’t like you (yet).


Oh Sh*t…what have I got myself into now?!

I’ve also learned that it is possible to get sore armpits from exercising (??). Or that you very well might, especially after a tough core session the day before, manage to get your abs into a cramp doing a ‘negative’ chin up (i.e. slowly lowering yourself down). I’ve also come across a lot of CrossFit/weightlifting jargon, especially as I started during the CrossFit Games Open. They were all talking about their 17.4’s, 17.5’s, double unders, muscle ups, and a rake of other stuff that made no sense.

And I really have enjoyed it so far! Every workout is different. There’s always something new, well especially for me as a newbie, but they do seem to mix things up just to keep you on your toes. And that weightlifting stuff, well you know what. It’s like having a personal trainer with the coaches there showing you what to do, how to do it, and to encourage you. I would never ever do that stuff in a regular gym on my own. It’s much easier to start thinking about adding more weight to that barbell when you have someone there looking out for you, encouraging you and you don’t feel like a complete spa not knowing your elbow from your ar*e. Not that some of it would even cross my mind to attempt, I mean handstand push ups?! Because regular push ups are clearly so last season… 🙂